Customised Portable Ramps

Use over your existing steps!

Easy to Fold / Store

For Indoor and Outdoor Use

For Wheelchairs, Rolling Loads or Prams


  • Available in different lengths depending on the number of steps and can be customised.
  • Textured surface for additional traction grip and safety.
  • Safety ledge helps to keep wheels/person walking from slipping off the ramp.
  • Hinge brackets that allow the ramp to easily fold in half. Handle/s for easy portability.
  • Yellow radium safety edging to help visually impaired people to see the edges of the ramp. This would also facilitate easy viewing at night.
  • Provision for permanent and semi-permanent installation methods.

Include has designed 40+ ramps for places like: 

National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)-Mumbai, Fabindia- Mumbai, Blue Frog- Mumbai, Bombay International School- Mumbai, Willingdon Club- Mumbai, Radio Club- Mumbai, Planet Abled tours- Delhi, Happy Home and School for the Blind- Mumbai, Five Wheels Pvt. Ltd- Quango Scooters- Bengaluru, Explore Differently tours-  Chennai, and many other buildings across India! 


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“Every building should have at least one entrance accessible to the handicapped and shall be indicated by proper signage. This entrance shall be approached through a ramp together with the stepped entry.”

- Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons. CPWD Ministry of Urban Affairs and Employment, India, 1998